Southern Championship at Boca Ciega Yacht ClubNovember 9 - 10
We had the most perfect conditions for racing over the weekend Nov, 9 and 10. Winds varied from 10-15, with gusts to 20. Air temperatures in the 70s and water temps in the high 70s. Truly beautiful Florida sailing weather. Our hosts at Boca Ciega Yacht Club always make us feel welcome. Donna Sue ran our races in the professional fantastic way she does. We raced 5 races during the first day with two races being our shorter course a triangle and three races being our longer course a triangle windward -leeward. The second day of racing we raced three of the longer courses. With the start-line set up on the port side of the committee boat and the finish line starboard, and both closed, the racers had to make a decision on which side of the course to which to commit. Winds being shifty made for a tense decision process. Do you hunt for a shift or pray for a shift?! As one skipper said, I made a plan and finally stuck to the plan.

It is always a good thing to start ahead and stay ahead. With this fleet constantly improving our starts, this becomes more difficult to pull off. A few times racers went back to restart being over early and on one start the entire fleet was given a general recall. One skipper learned the hard way to check the course being raced at the start of every race.

Awards were given out with BCYC margaritas on Sunday. Third place went to Lin Robson and Sari Wakefield. Second place went Nathaniel and Sheila Plant. First place to Ethan and Trudy Bixby. The Silver Screw Award, which is not given every year, was presented to Mike Fontaine and Mary McCormack. They received this for breaking their rudder on the first day and their pole launcher the second day. Great fun was had by all!
PosBoatNameTotalRace 1Race 2Race 3Race 4Race 5Race 6Race 7Race 8
1Silly Wabbit/5700Ethan Bixby & Trudy Bixby111(1)1(2)3(5)2(7)1(8)1(9)1(10)1 (11)
2Oreo Speedwagon/5271Nathaniel Plant & Sheila Plant173(3)2(5)1(6)3(9)2(11)2(13)2(15)2 (17)
3Sojourner/5706Lin Robson & Sari Wakefield374(4)6(10)2(12)4(16)5(21)4(25)5(30)7 (37)
4Bella/5252Collin Browning & Eric Mann395(5)8(13)5(18)5(23)4(27)6(33)3(36)3 (39)
5Pig Headed/5070Lon Ethington & Meg Gimmi442(2)7(9)4(13)6(19)DNF (8)(31)7(38)6(44)4 (48)
6Elmer/3886Mike Crotty & Jim Freund506(6)9(15)6(21)1(22)DNF (8)(34)3(37)7(44)DNS(10) (56)
7Magic Dragon/4205Kurban Ali & Taylor Rogers548(8)5(13)8(21)DNS (9)(33)DNS (10)(45)6(51)4(55)5 (60)
8Elvis/4028Lisa Fath & James Freund549(9)3(12)7(19)7(26)6(32)8(40)8(48)6 (54)
9Beauty and the Beast/5586Allen Chauvenet & Christina Chauvenet587(7)4(11)9(20)8(28)3(31)10(41)9(50)8 (58)
10Bacon Bits/5045Mike Fontaine & Mary McCormack7611(11)DNF(11)(23)DNS(10)(35)DNS(9)(47)7(54)9(63)10(73)9(82)
11Blue By You/4049Talib Moran & Ian Witbreuk8110(10)10(20)DNS(10)(32)DNS(9)(44)DNS (10)(56)DNS(11)(68)DNS(11)(80)DNS(10)(92)
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