Bradenton Windmill Invitational Regatta at Bradenton Yacht ClubMarch 10 - 11
Good warm-up for the Midwinters the following weekend at Sarasota!


Registration on site.

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Lisa Fath
Looking for a Ride or Crew
#5060Go Blue (The Sponars)
If I get back from business trip in time, I donít want to miss the inaugural regatta! (Feb 4 4:00 PM)
Boats Racing
#4481Kraken Waketh (Rob & Bob Woithe)
#5701chunky monkey (nathaniel and sheila)
#5586Beauty & The Beast (Allen Chauvenet & Sarah Steward)
Look forward to a great new venue! (Feb 4 4:51 PM)
#5252Bella (Colin Browning/Eric Mann)
#0MRPF (Jake Fath)
#4028Elvis (Lisa Fath)
Come support our newest re-born fleet! (Feb 8 7:40 PM)
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