2018 Windmill National Championship Regatta at Rock Hall YC, MarylandJuly 19 - 22

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2018 NOR Windmill Nationals

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This event is Clean Regatta sponsored by Sailors For The Sea.

General Information about the 2018 Nationals and Jr. Nationals

REGISTRATION FORM: Please print and mail in.
Regatta Fee is $175 before 19 June 2018 and $200 thereafter.

This year the class is having a raffle for a NEW Johansen Windmill Hull!
50 tickets available, $100 per ticket.
To buy tickets you can print THIS FORM and mail it in or find Allen C. at a regatta. He will have tickets available.

Contact Person
Sandy Sponar
Looking for a Ride or Crew
Boats Racing
#4051Hurricane (Alan Taylor)
#5702Hummingbird (The Sponars )
#5586Beauty & The Beast (Allen & Christina Chauvenet)
#5319Dave (Larry & Allie)
#5070Pig Headed (Meg & Lon)
#4339Mustard (Miles Booth)
#3651Sea Horse (David Manley&Steven Cropper)
#5399Caliente (Phillip,Rachel, Kaitlin Durand)
#4028Elvis (Lisa and Jake Fath)
#5252Bella (Colin Browning/Eric Mann)
#3026Rescued (Frank Murphy)
#0Rose (Roy sherman)
#5255Chasseur (Lansing Williams)
#5707graffiti (Pat & Janet)
#5710John & Anne Danneberger
#5700Silly Rabbit (Ethan & Trudy)
#5703Scorpion (Tim and Joe Weibel)
#5400Johnsboat (Dyer Harris (Diana Georgeson))
#3800Apollo's Chariot (Carroll Sparwasser)
#4262Max & Jon Penders
#4689Blue Muse (Tim and Nathan Bachman)
#5527Tootheless (Arthur Anosov/Kai Dolan)
Please correct our previous entry (Feb 22 12:35 PM)
#4481Kraken (Rob and Bob Woithe)
#5271windmill (Nathaniel and Sheila Plant)
#3653Daisy (Steve Allen & Michelle)
#5705SpeedBump (Chris Demler / Josh Cole)
#5275Doug & Allie Boyer
#5426Inspiration (Ed & Anabelle Watt)
#5102Jouster (Glenn& Joan McKibben)
#5404Bird in Hand (formerly No Excuses) (Stuart Proctor)
#3049Little miss sunshine (Eric Francois)
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