Windmill Northerns at Lake Massabesic, Auburn, NHSeptember 16 - 17
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Larry Christian
Looking for a Ride or Crew
 Michael Crotty
Still looking for crew (Aug 30 4:59 PM)
Boats Racing
#5001TARDIS (Geoff Ling)
#2117Cupcake (Jack Cartland)
#5048Dave (Larry & Allie )
#3653Steve Allen
#5586Beauty & The Beast (Allen Chauvenet & Sarah Steward)
#5102Jouster (Glenn & Joan McKibben)
#5426Inspiration (Edward Watt)
#4261Spaghetti Farm (Rick & Jasper Fontana)
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    Allen Chauvenet ~ Sunday 9-3-17 05:22:45 PM