2014 KETTLE CUP REGATTA - Lake Monroe at SANFORD, FLORIDADecember 6 - 7
Good Day to All,

Ralph and I on behalf of the Windmills would like to say Thank-you to Lake Monroe Sailing Association (LMSA), USCG auxiliary, regatta volunteers and all the Windmillers who joined us at this great event! We had a wonderful time and hope to do this one again with a lot more of our traveling group who need a quick break from the cold north. LMSA sponsor Jameson Black Barrel select reserve Whiskey which was served at all the evening social events was greatly appreciated. They also offered discounted rates at nearby hotels and great receptions at local restaurants.

The Windmill group arrived on Friday afternoon to set up the boats and go out for a delightful practice sail. Multiple ramps that accommodated dolly or trailers without the worry of overhead power lines made putting in easy. Ralph, Lon and Lisa were able to get out on the water and enjoy a 5-7 kts breeze to work out the kinks and refine our teamwork skills. Afterwards, LMSA and Jameson’s Black Barrel Reserve sponsored a welcoming reception at the Breezeway restaurant in the historical section of Sanford Florida (a few blocks from the sailing center). Menu choices included great fish, chicken and highly recommended by the locals “Sanford’s Best” one of the largest pork tenderloin sandwiches I’ve ever seen. The Breezeway had live music and the block was closed off for Sanford’s annual Christmas Paget. A small town event that I appreciated with beautiful choir singing and lines of children (some smiling and some crying) waiting to sit on Santa’s lap. Main street merchants were open so you could find that special someone a present.

LMSA graciously allowed our 4 Windmills our own start after the Lightning’s and Sunfish. Saturday dawned sunny and wonderfully warm with highs near 80 degrees. The air was light 1- 3 kts and the lake was as smooth as glass. One windward-leeward 2 times around was sailed and then the wind died out completely. Lisa and Jake found the right side of the course and rounded the mark first, Lon and Meg took the straight downwind tactic and passed Lisa with Colin and Justin on their heels. Ralph and Sandy came back from the hole they sailed (sat in) to challenge the rest of the pack and lost a nail biter between Colin for second place. After racing everyone retired to the “River walk Pizzeria” for another LMSA sponsored evening. Fantastic lasagna, ziti, chicken parmesan, spaghetti with meatballs and marinara sauce, garlic rolls and salad was enjoyed by all. Jameson’s was flowing freely as well as other libations. The LSMA also had a 50/50 cash raffle as well as other items including T-shirt, dock bags, APS gift certificates and Sunglasses. Sadly none of the Windmillers won this time. Maybe we will win next year, the 50/50 was almost $350+ take home and the other 50% going to local charity.

Sunday a weak cold front come through the area. Saturdays placid lake turned into a different beast. Gray lumpy clouds with temps in the mid 60’s with strong winds forecasted. The first race on Sunday was light air less than 5 knots but the mixed medium wave height chop made progress slow. Lisa and Jake found the right gear and got a bullet. The second race on Sunday wind rose to 8 kts with a heaver mixed chop, Lon and Meg led the race and got 1st place. The third race wind continued to rise to 12kts with short choppy waves, Ralph and Sandy were able to get 1st place. Finally the last race the wind ramped up to 18 kts with short stacked waves and lots of “Get to the Back” as you submerged through 1, 2 and sometimes 3 waves, Ralph and Sandy were able to get another 1st place. All races were windward-leeward two times around finish on the downwind leg.

Colin and Justin were consistent both days and ruled second place. If you wanted to pass him you were going to have to really work for it either by a tacking duel or downwind duel. Great job guys! Lisa and Jake are right there in the mix, never count them out and keep your eye on them. As Jake learns the boat and their teamwork comes together they are also going to be tough competition. Lon and Meg are always a force to be reckoned with, their downwind skills are flawless and I only hope to get as good as them. In the last race Lon and Meg had to retire on the 1st leg due to the screw head that holds the shroud to the boat tank sheared off. Luckily, he made to back in and didn’t lose a mast. Ralph and I finally got our act together and as the heavier air came up we were able to be competitive. But, there was a lot of water in the boat and both of us were behind the main sheet block to keep the boat afloat.

After racing LMSA hosted a luncheon of hot dog, chips and drinks while we waited for the results. The prizes were a beautiful blue-green hand thrown vase. This was a top notch regatta where you got a lot of enjoyment and bang for your entry fee. I hope to attend next year and that our class has one of the largest number of boats.

Safe Journeys to All,

Sandy Sponar
PosBoatNameTotalRace 1Race 2Race 3Race 4Race 5
1BellaBrowning102(2)2(4)2(6)2(8)2 (10)
2Go BlueSponar123(3)4(7)3(10)1(11)1 (12)
3Pig HeadedEthington131(1)3(4)1(5)3(8)DNF (13)
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