Northern-Southern Regatta at Prince Gallitzin State Park, Glendale Lake Pa.May 17 - 18
Good Day to All,
On behalf of the Windmill Association and the Sponar Family we would like to thank each and everyone of you for reviving and hosting the Windmill Northern Southern Regatta. Special Kudos to John Coleman and family for the hard work you did with all the different agencies to make this happen. It showed in the successful and seamless way the event was conducted. Thank you Commodore Dan Kloss and the Lake Glendale Sailing Club and others unknown. Race PRO Vince Lapalucci and RC staff, your knowledge of the lake, wind and weather conditions allowed us to race the course instead of waiting for the course to be set up. You kept our safety and sailing comfort in mind especially on Saturday when it was so windy and cold.

When you drive up to the lake through the mountains you turn onto "Long Road" and at the top is Headache Hill and a water tower. The view from here of the dark blue lake nestled in the mountains with the spring green leaves and flowers bursting open is breathtaking. You have a hidden gem of a lake and great group of people that support your club. Parking, unloading and launching from trailers to a dock or rolling in with dollies couldn't have been easier. The race course was right next to the launching area and within 2 minutes we were on the course, in sequence and racing.

Eight boats with skippers from Seattle, Florida, NY, Washington DC, Maryland and Pennsylvania showed up to take on the Lake. The challenging cold gray skies and rolling squall lines kept everyone on their toes and climbing the rails like monkeys to keep from swimming. The wind was .... well it's lake sailing so the wind was everywhere and converged through the hills to add to the squall lines and rain. So you could be tacking or jibing when you hadn't planned on it. Not to mention the blue Swallows that were dive bombing all over the place. They photo bombed almost every picture and were so close at times you could touch them. Three tough windward leeward races were conducted on Saturday. John and Anne Danneberger were amazing to watch race. Their roll tacks and crew work gave us all something to strive for and hope to emulate. John kept the boat flat and fast by feathering in the heaviest of gust. Ralph and Sandy Sponar were right behind them and picked up quickly on the swirling wind shifts. The middle pack was led by John and Allie, Allen and Christina and Roy Sherman and Gary Johnson with the lead ever changing. The back pack Eric, Lisa and Matt was just as challenged. As the new crew including Commodore Dan Kloss were learning the boats and remembering how to move in them. A few skippers decided to check the water temperature Lisa just needed to scoop a little. But Matthew and Maggie after the 2nd race decided to wash the sails and thankfully the lake was deep enough to keep the mast tee. Roy went over too in the 3rd race.

A chance to get off the water for a delicious lunch of subs, chips, drinks and homemade cookies was provided by the Glendale Sailing members and families. After lunch a skippers meeting voted not to return to racing due to heavy air and cold conditions. This allowed everyone a chance to repair boats, warm up, relax and get cleaned up before dinner. A room was reserved at the Pirates Cove for the Lake Glendale support staff, family and Windmillers. The hearty pot roast and chicken casserole with veggie, salad and soft served ice cream dessert was enjoyed by all. All the plates returning to the kitchen were empty and cleaned up like "Cold Water".

Sunday dawned cool but the weather front had moved through. By the time racing started everyone was comfortable and warm. Light air and blue skies had us racing windward reaching courses for the last 5 races. Watching the air on the water to see and avoid the holes was very important. Obstacles on the course included fishing boats and poles at the reaching mark. Ralph and Sandy were able to take a few bullets away from John and Anne. Roy Sherman and Glendale's own Gary Johnson sailed very well together. Gary liked the boat and how fast they were on the water. John and Allie Coleman were always right in the mix. They had control and led race 4, but got in a tacking duel with John and Anne Dannegerger. Allen and Christina shifted Beauty and the Beast into the right gear on race 5 and edged out Ralph and Roy for 2nd. Eric Francois and Chris Fisher got the boat figured out in race 6 and 7 and led the way in one of the races down to the reaching mark. Lisa Fath and Dan Kloss sailed great in race 7. Matt Sponar and Maggie Arnesen could never be ruled out and pulled two 5th during the series.

Our Sincerest Thanks to Julie, John, Allie and Tyler Coleman for Welcoming us into your home. Your cabin was warm and full of laughter, family and good food. The evening fire, party and card games are moments in time that will be remembered always.
Until the next time, Safe Journeys,
Sandy and Ralph Sponar
PosBoatNameTotalRace 1Race 2Race 3Race 4Race 5Race 6Race 7Race 8
15069John & Anne Danneberger81(1)1(2)1(3)1(4)1(5)(2)(7)2(9)1 (10)
25702Ralph & Sandy Sponar172(2)2(4)3(7)(6)(13)4(17)1(18)1(19)4 (23)
34489Roy Sherman & Gary Johnson233(3)4(7)(DNF)(16)2(18)3(21)3(24)6(30)2 (32)
43064John & Allie Coleman294(4)3(7)4(11)4(15)5(20)6(26)(8)(34)3 (37)
55586Allen & Christina Chauvenet305(5)6(11)2(13)5(18)2(20)4(24)(7)(31)6 (37)
63049Eric Francois & Chris Fisher366(6)7(13)(DNF)(22)3(25)7(32)5(37)3(40)5 (45)
73524Matt Sponar & Maggie Arnesen447(7)5(12)6(18)7(25)(8)(33)7(40)5(45)7 (52)
82049Lisa Fath & Dan Kloss47(5)(5)8(13)5(18)8(26)6(32)8(40)4(44)8 (52)
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