RHYC Annual One Design Regatta (Dist 3 Championship) at Rock Hall YC, MarylandJune 15 - 16
Good Day to All,

Thank you to all the dads who spent their Fathers Day on the water hopefully, sailing like Eric and Emily at our Annual One Design Regatta at Rock Hall YC. There are very special men in all of our lives who took the time to show us how to pull a line and not a rope, the difference between port and starboard and how special we were to be the one picked to go sailing with them and feel the breeze in our hair and smiles on our faces. Thanks Dads, we can only hope to pass on half of your wisdom to the next generation.

We had a bit of bad luck at our club following Thursdays terrible storms. All of the Rock Hall club windmills were damaged to some extent, so we didn't have any Windmills for the Down the River Race on Friday. Insurance companies have been called, new mast ordered, and fiberglass repair companies appointments are being arranged. Luckily, Lance and Scott Ross were able to represent our own club with damaged but sailable boats and Carroll Sparwasser (boat undamaged) for the District III championship.

A cool Saturday dawned with a beautiful blue sky and easy 3 to 5 kts north westerly wind shifting towards the south and light chop. Sunday the wind was out of the South and ranged from 5 - 8 kts at times with medium chop and big boat wake. We had 6 Windmills that shared the race course with Rebels, Wayfarers and a few crabby watermen complicating the race courses. Roy and Leigh from Long Island, NY came down to sail. Roy had his boat moving well throughout the regatta and he said Saturdays oscillating breeze was a challenge for each leg. Our long time friend Brett Wright from Bermuda and Ralphs sister Mandy raced Go Blue. Brett and Mandy had a small learning curve from their old Snipe racing days but were able to get the boat figured out on Sunday and pull off 2 bullets. Hopefully, we can lure them out for more races in the future and bring some international competition to our class. Scott and Jan Ross were also in the front pack this regatta, pulling off a good mix of seconds and thirds. Congratulations to Scott and Jan for racing so well and becoming this year's District III Champion. Carroll Sparwasser and Eric also were in the running for the District Championship. The racing was close and Carroll and Scott swapped positions a few of the races. I always love to see dads and kids sailing together. Eric and Emily in their sparkling sunshine yellow boat on the course is a delight to watch. When Eric passed by the RC boat I told him he was due a good one. Sure enough in race #3 Brett and a couple of Wayfarers were over early and Eric got the bullet. Way to Go!! Lance and Sue in his beautiful red boat had an outstanding 2nd race and came in 3rd place. They had smiles on their faces and looked like they had lots of fun spending time together. Happily no one went swimming on the race course during our regatta even though it was hot enough to welcome a cool dip. Everyone had a good time and enjoyed telling stories and laughs at the end of the day.

This link is to all the pictures I took at the regatta. Hopefully there was at least one of each of the Windmills.

Again, Thanks to all the guys who guided our knot tying hands as we learned about rabbits going around the tree and through the hole. And gave us the hugs, pats on the back and thumbs up sign when we needed it!

Until the Next Time Safe Journeys,
Sandy Sponar
PosBoatNameTotalRace 1Race 2Race 3Race 4Race 5Race 6
14489ROY SHERMAN71(1)1(2)(2)(4)1(5)2(7)2 (9)
23524BRETT WRIGHT103(3)2(5)(OCS)(13)3(16)1(17)1 (18)
34261SCOTT ROSS152(2)(5)(7)4(11)2(13)3(16)4 (20)
43800CARROLL SPARWASSER18(4)(4)4(8)3(11)4(15)4(19)3 (22)
53049ERIC FRANCOIS225(5)(6)(11)1(12)5(17)6(23)5 (28)
65255LANSING WILLIAMS256(6)3(9)5(14)(DNS)(22)5(27)6 (33)
71576DYER HARRIS40(DNS)(8)DNS(16)DNS(24)DNS(32)DNS(40)DNS(48)
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