Corsica River Regatta at Corsica River, MDJuly 27 - 28
Good Day to All,
Ralph and I would like to give a Big Thank-You to all the Windmillers who came out to play at Corsica River Regatta. Our casual arrival on Friday allowed us to set up our tents among the trees taking up prime waterfront realestate. Cool weather conditions in the 70's and low 80's with a steady breeze made camping enjoyable.

Lance and Sue hosted a Wonderful Welcoming Party and story comedy hour. You know your living on the right side of life when your surrounded by friends, great food and tons of laughs. The moonshine, fresh picked blue berry desert and a joke about a dog named "Cold Water" set the tone for the Weekend.

Saturday morning dawned with a steady breeze and everyone raring to get out on the water. The course was a 15 minute sail from the Corsica River YC. Giving everyone time to set their boats up. Once we cleared the Corsica River and entered the Chester River basin the southerly breeze made conditions very challenging. Big 2 - 3 foot waves, wind in the 12 -15 kts range had us all looking back and rethinking about racing. But, we travlered and boom vanged down and away all 7 of us went. Everyone had competition there were 2 packs of close racers Ralph, Colin and Carroll and Lisa, Matt, Lance and Phill in the 2nd group. Each tack was a dance of timing the waves and boat speed. But the real race was finding the finish line and figuring out how to properly cross in respect to the SI and actual position of drifting YC boat and mark. As the day progressed the wind slowly eased to 7-10 kts making everyone continuously adjust their sails for conditions. Ralph and Sandy was able to catch some of the earlier starting Laser and Comet classes at the finish. Carroll and Eric sailed very fast in the heavier air condition and got 2nds in the 2nd and 3rd race. Lance and Sue and Phill and Dan were swapping tacks in the lumpy conditions and all boats finished within seconds or minutes of eachother. After 3 races we gently sail back to the beach and the sounds of a fantastic Blue Grass Band. A great BBQ chicken dinner with fresh picked corn and watermellon, potato salad and rolls followed with cup cakes for dessert had us all sitting back and rubbing our tummies. As the sky's darkened to night and a big full moon peeped out of the clouds we all seeked our beds for a restful night's sleep.

Sundays quick early morning rain shower had us all wanting to snuggle down and sleep a little while longer. The race course was set inside the Corsica River near the YC. A light 4 -7 kt breeze and small ripples on the water reminded us of Lake sailing. A short triangle windward and 2 reaching legs twice around course made for real interesting racing. Matthew and Maggie had a port tack start with good boat speed and clean air allowed them to get a 3rd in the 4th race. On the 5th race Lisa and Caroline stuck to Ralph and had a match race dueling tacking and jibe start. Lisa led the race until we caught up with the Comet class at a close rounding at the jibe mark and held on to 2nd place. Colin and crew Steven Cropper (RHYC junior Opti sailor who sailed with Colin at RHYC Windmill Junior National in 2012.) Had a great 6th race, they chose the right side of the course with good boat speed and had a half leg lead finishing 1st. The rest of the Windmill fleet had roundings with the Comets and A-Cats. The 3 boat length overlap rule takes on new meaning when a 30 foot A-Cat that has a 21 foot boom needs buoy room to jibe. But we all rounded safely and finished the day and regatta with out anyone swamping. While everyone was breaking down their camp and boats a mix Corrgie, collie and hound dog we named "Cold Water" made the rounds of everyones tent, cars and garbage bags. Lance's joke ended up on him when the dog found the left over cake and left icing all over his drivers seat and a plate that was as clean as "Cold Water" could get.

Thank you again to Colin and Karen, Lisa and Caroline and Phil and Dan who came so far and took the extra time to stay and race. We had a wonderful time and again extend our sincerest thanks to all who made this regatta so much fun. Everyone made it home safely and we all lived to sail another day.

Until the Next Time, Safe Journeys,
Sandy and Ralph Sponar
PosBoatNameTotalRace 1Race 2Race 3Race 4Race 5Race 6
15702 (Hummingbird)Ralph Sponar/Sandy Sponar51(1)1(2)1(3)1(4)1(5)(2) (7)
24481 (My Mojo)Colin Browning/Stephen Cropper11(3)(3)3(6)2(8)2(10)3(13)1 (14)
33800 (Apollo's ChariotCarroll Sparwasser/Eric Arnesen142(2)2(4)3(7)(5)(12)4(16)3 (19)
42049 (Elvis)Lisa Fath/Caroline Denton18(4)(4)4(8)4(12)4(16)2(18)4 (22)
53524 (Go Blue)Matt Sponar/Maggie Arnesen235(5)5(10)(6)(16)3(19)5(24)5 (29)
65255 (Chasseur)Lansing Williams/Sue Caswell327(7)7(14)(DNS)(22)6(28)6(34)6 (40)
75399 (JYC)Phillip Durand/Daniel Ryan336(6)6(12)5(17)(DNS)(25)DNS(33)DNS(41)
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