RHYC Opening Day 2012

regular view slide show

Looking for air!
Looking for air! (Original: 479x640)

The other yellow boat.
The other yellow boat. (Original: 473x640)

Timing the start
Timing the start (Original: 469x640)

Looking good
Looking good (Original: 640x482)

Happy crew!
Happy crew! (Original: 640x466)

(Original: 612x459)

The Winners
The Winners (Original: 612x459)

A bit glassy
A bit glassy (Original: 640x476)

A bit more air
A bit more air (Original: 640x478)

working the boat
working the boat (Original: 640x468)

This is more like it!
This is more like it! (Original: 457x640)

Getting closer
Getting closer (Original: 640x472)

(Original: 612x459)

(Original: 612x459)