2009 Junior Nationals

regular view slide show

Heading for the start
Heading for the start (Original: 1496x1032)

close racing
close racing (Original: 1497x1130)

heading back
heading back (Original: 1485x1184)

looking for breeze
looking for breeze (Original: 1486x1009)

winging it
winging it (Original: 1090x1506)

at the finish
at the finish (Original: 1050x1501)

(Original: 1030x1477)

(Original: 1129x1504)

(Original: 1030x1477)

...and the trophy is passed on at the Northerns
...and the trophy is passed on at the Northerns (Original: 1524x1105)

nice rounding
nice rounding (Original: 1099x1494)

Working hard
Working hard (Original: 1490x1100)

keeping close
keeping close (Original: 1495x1162)

concentration counts
concentration counts (Original: 1506x1025)

(Original: 1073x1496)

(Original: 1086x1497)

(Original: 1507x1162)

(Original: 1133x1487)

runners up....
runners up.... (Original: 1483x1059)

....and first place - Emily Francois
....and first place - Emily Francois (Original: 1522x1064)