Storing the Whisker Pole
How do you keep the whisker pole on the boom? There are all sorts of ways to do it. We got to our present system by trial and accident; but it has proved trouble free for us. We have not lost a pole with it and the pole goes up and down with no problems. The rear pole supports on the boom are 1/8' aluminum, bent to shape and pop-riveted to the boom. Foam pipe insulation (1 inch ID) is affixed with double-sided tape and duct tape to the pole where the pole rests into these supports. It ain't even pretty! But it allows the pole to be quickly stored with rather imprecise movements. The forward support could be done the same, but why be consistent? I bent and cut two SS eyestraps into a U-shape that just fit the pole and riveted them to the boom. They are not deep enough to keep the pole from jumping out, so I have Velcro attached to the boom and pole with double-sided tape. (and a bit of waxed twine to keep the ends of the Velcro from lifting off the tape) Dorothy just hits the area and it's attached. When things settle down she clips the free end of a short line that is attached to the gooseneck to the end fitting on the pole. This keeps the pole attached when the wind gets up over 30 and entire rig shakes like crazy.

A Better Idea?

PVC pipe can be used for the forward support. A 1 1/4 end cap can be affixed to the boom with a pop rivit. A loop of 3/8 shock cord for rear support. To store, the crew presses the yoke of the pole into the shock cord and let's the forward end go into the PVC cap. Pretty slick!

Whatever method you you use, be sure the pole floats! Simply glue plugs into both ends of the pole.