On Bobbing Daggerboards
Windmill daggerboards will float up in the well. All types of solutions have been tried, perhaps the best solution, but not fool-proof, is to glue outdoor carpet to the sides of the well. I have strips of carpet about 2 inches wide on both sides of the well, at both the top and bottom of the well. So visit your local carpet dealer and get a few scraps of rubber backed outdoor carpet, the thin variety. I would balance the boat on her side for the insertion operation. First, be sure and test to see that the carpet will allow the board to be inserted into the well without too much friction. When all seems OK, coat the well and the rubber backing with contact cement. Then, put a sheet of wax paper over the cement on the carpet, slide the carpet in position and remove the wax paper. The carpet will protect the finish of your board and provide some degree of control on keeping it in place. For reasons that escape me, the Class rules specify that that the lining may not extend lower than 1 inch above the bottom of the daggerboard trunk slot.

Step 2, run a loop of 3/8" shock cord through a hole in the top of the board and pull it over the aft end of the DB well. This will help keep it down and maybe even cocked forward. (Forward is normally where you want it, the boat will handle better with the tip of the board under the mast. Except in heavy air, when you want to pull it up four-inches and let the tip go aft)